The Power of Web 2.0 Tools: A 21st Century Learning Experience

About the Course

This course occurs over ten weeks and requires participants to complete "Thinks," or doable learning activities related to Web 2.0 tools and concepts. Each "Think" will introduce (or expand upon) a new tool or concept through one or more discovery exercises, followed by one or more learning tasks. The discovery exercises are "where the learning really happens" and are necessary for you to complete each task.

The required "Thinks" are separated into four modules: Intro to Web 2.0, RSS, Blogging & Creative Commons. After completion of the required modules and their associated "Thinks," each participant will choose an additional 2 modules to explore and complete. Successful completion of all 6 modules is required for participants to receive PLU credit.
You will record your progress by posting to your own blog and elsewhere as directed. Your blog will serve as your personal learning journal, a place for you to record your experiences, frustrations, ideas, discoveries, questions and reflections. Your blog will also serve as your portfolio, a living artifact demonstrating your completion of the course. Participants will receive (and give) feedback and encouragement through each others' blogs. (Don't worry,
first graders can blog, and so can you!)

This course offers no formal instruction. You will be your own mentor, with support from your colleagues and your PW2T Coach. You will decide when and where to complete each module's activities and you will be responsible for "keeping up." You are encouraged to form study groups to work through the content together -- sharing, helping and encouraging each other. Throughout this 21st century learning experience, you will likely encounter a number of small challenges, depending on your level of Web 2.0 experience to date. Each time you teach yourself something, find a solution or accomplish a task, you will feel empowered and be much more tech savvy!

This course is offered at no charge to faculty and staff members at Greater Atlanta Christian School and other Atlanta Area independent schools. Potential participants from outside of GACS should visit the Partner Schools page to learn more.

This course is approved for 1 PLU credit by the Georgia DOE. More information may be found on the FAQ page.

The summer course session begins June 1, 2009.

Ready to learn more?
Visit the FAQ page and view a list of the Thinks & Modules (details for each "Think" will be published as the course progresses).

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