The Power of Web 2.0 Tools: A 21st Century Learning Experience

Partner Schools

In the "Web 2.0" spirit of sharing our knowledge and resources, learning together, connecting online, and developing a community of practice, we are excited to invite participation from faculty and staff members at all Atlanta area independent schools, free of charge.

Non-GACS schools wishing to participate must agree to provide an on-site PW2T Coach (see notes below) to coordinate, actively CHEERLEAD and support participants through just-in-time tutoring. The coach will track participant progress by following their blog entries via RSS feeds, providing feedback and encouragement along the way.

IMPORTANT: Participants from outside schools must also read the regular FAQ page for general/universally applicable information.

Julia Osteen
Tech ILT
Greater Atlanta Christian School
1575 Indian Trail Rd.
Norcross, GA 30093
Phone: 770.243.2285
Fax: 770.243.2259
SkypeID: julia.osteen

How to Register
To register for the course, please complete "Think 0" -- in which you find out about the course, sign up for Google/Gmail and install Firefox (if needed). After you get your Gmail address, please complete this form to register. ON June 1st, I will reply with an invitation (via Gmail) to join a Google spreadsheet which you use throughout the course to track your progress. You MUST remember to check your new Gmail account on June 1st. Throughout the course, we will communicate through Gmail -- NOT YOUR SCHOOL EMAIL.

ADDITIONALLY: The designated PW2T Coach should PDF-email ALL "Prior Approval" forms for any participants seeking PLU credit (see below).

PLU Credits:
  • Participants outside of GACS seeking PLU credit will most likely need to submit "Prior Approval" forms (your staff development person would know what that means). Please email or fax all at one time to Julia Osteen. If your school does not have its own form, you may use this one (just change the school name):
  • PLU seekers will be required to sign and submit an "Academic Honesty" statement (contained on course rubric) to their coaches.
    See the FAQ page for more information.
  • PLU credits will be issued through GACS. Coaches will evaluate their own participants' blog content and other artifacts and complete/sign their course rubrics which are to be mailed in a single package to Julia Osteen, who will sign the PLU/completion forms. Here is the course rubric:
  • The GACS staff development liaison will issue an official course certificate for each participant, all of which will be mailed in a single package to the coach/facilitator for the participating school.

Notes for Coaches
  • The coach/facilitator from each school must email an instructor resume (preferably as a PDF attachment) to keep on file, as well as a short instructor description (sample below).
  • In order to be effective, coaches will need to complete the exercises along with participants (at least the first time through).
  • GACS will provide a weekly "drop-in" tutorial session for those participants who need a little help with a particular tool/task. Partner schools may elect to arrange something similar.
  • Participants will need microphone, speakers (preferably a USB headset) and digital camera access.
  • Coaches will need to keep a heads up for potential filtering issues -- e.g. YouTube and Flickr.

List of Partner Schools and Coaches (as of 2009)

Holy Innocents' School, Donna Jo Austin and Amy Marler

Sample instructor blurb:
Julia Osteen – B.S., MEd, EdS (Instructional Technology) – Technology Instructional Lead Teacher, Greater Atlanta Christian School - 20 years' classroom experience, 12 years' experience leading staff development courses with an emphasis on Technology Integration. (Julia will serve as the lead course facilitator.)

Modified from K12 Learning 2.0 with permission from Shelley Paul