Learn about Flickr


You may have noticed that nearly every page on this wiki includes a photograph or image that relates visually to the content. Most images on this wiki come from the Flickr Creative Commonscollection. In the Creative Commons module, you learned how Creative Commons allows users to publish their original work on the web, and give legal permission to others to use, adapt and remix the work. "Flickr CC" currently includes over 60 million photos, from users all over the world.

What is Flickr?
In a nutshell, Flickr is the Web's most popular photo-sharing site.

Discovery Exercise

Watch the video entitled Online Photo Sharing in Plain English

Read David Jakes's blog on Classroom Uses of Flickr

So, online photo-sharing has been around for about a decade, but Web 2.0 sites like Flickr offer more than just a place to store your photos and share them with family and friends through email. Flickr is a searchable, social, user-driven community. The social power of Flickr comes from tagging, which is the process of adding meaningful keywords to photos (or any type of content). If you’ve ever used a subject heading in a library catalog or written names or places on the back of a photograph, you’re already familiar with tagging! Flickr's public photo tags are visible to the whole community, so the entire collection becomes organized and categorized, searchable and browsable. Flickr users can also comment on each others' photos and create Groups to develop photo pools (shared photo collections) and have discussions about any topic or interest.


Take the Flickr Tour and then sign up for a Flickr account using your gmail address.