Learn About Social Bookmarking and Set Up Your Delicious Account

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Social bookmarking is a method for //Internet// users to store, organize, search, and manage //bookmarks// of web pages on the //Internet// with the help of //metadata//. ~from Wikipedia

Discovery Exercise

Watch the video Social Bookmarking in Plain English

A Few Delicious Features

  • Import all your existing bookmarks (a.k.a favorites) from your browser with a few clicks.
  • Access (and add to) your bookmarks from any computer! Never lose another link, email a link to yourself, or paste it into document for later access
  • Discover great resources saved by millions of delicious users with a keyword search, or by browsing specific tags or individual user collections. Try searching Delicious as an alternative to Google when looking for resources for a particular topic.
  • Mark any bookmark as private by selecting "do not share." (Only YOU will see these sites when you are logged into delicious).
  • Let others do the work for you! Add users to your network to automatically track all their sites (displayed on a separate page from your own), or subscribe to a specific tag to see all users' sites saved with that tag (or just a particular user and tag).


Set up your own delicious account
Basic Steps:
Step 1:
Go to Delicious and click "Get Started" or "register"
Step 2: Fill in the form. Pay attention to the password rules. Use your Gmail account.
Step 3: Install the Delicious Extension Buttons (For Firefox or IE), or the Bookmarklets (any browser)
Step 4: Check your email to activate your account (NOTE: You do not need the bookmarklets if you have already added the buttons)

Visit the delicious bookmarks of one of the following. Find 2 sites that you would like to go back and explore in more depth. Save those to your delicious by clicking on Save This.

A Few "High Profile" Ed Tech Delicious Users (Not a Representative Sample)