Adding Bookmarks and Searching in Delicious



More Delicious Features
  • Display bookmarks as a list or in a cloud, sorted by tag name or frequency of use. (The larger the tag in the cloud, the greater the frequency).
  • Share all your bookmarks with students or colleagues by giving them a single URL for your username
  • Share your sites for a particular tag by providing the link for that tag only, (e.g. -- where the user is josteen and the tag is 21stcenturylearning).

  • Subscribe to the RSS feed of a specific user, tag or user/tag combination (i.e. all of a particular user's bookmarks tagged with a specific tag) in your RSS reader, on a blog, wiki or other webpage.

  • Create a special "shared" tag to collect resources along with others for a particular purpose or topic, for example "pw2t." If you want to share a site with our group, use "pw2t" as a tag along with your other chosen tags. Here is what the RSS feed for the tag looks like, embedded in a wiki page. Imagine how you could leverage this for student research, sharing sites with colleagues, or for the school library!

Discovery Exercise

Explore Delicious (~30 min)
  1. Go to delicious.
  2. Search for something that interests you. (You can do this more than once). Enter keywords in the search box at the top of the page.
  3. Review the results and begin browsing. Things to notice: additional tags used, number of other people who have tagged the site (pink boxes), usernames of those who have tagged the sites, related tags.
  4. Explore the results by following some of the "delicious" information -- click a tag, a related tag, a username, a pink "saved by X other people" box. HINT: To actually visit a "discovered" site, try right-clicking the link and selecting "open in new tab" or "open in new window". That way, you won't lose your delicious results.
  5. When viewing a particular user's saved sites, explore the tag list on the right side of the page. Add related tags by clicking the + next to the tag. Switch between cloud and list views. Switch between alpha and frequency order.
  6. Basically, search and browse around, and see what you can figure out about how delicious works and how it may be helpful to you.


Add 2 people to your network

You can add me and one other person from our group or two of your school colleagues. Remember, they have to have a delicious account before you can add them to your network.

delicious name: josteen

In delicious:

Click on your network
Type their user name in the field area on the top right
Click the Add button

Add at least 2 sites to your delicious account

Steps for Tagging a Site in Delicious:

  1. Go to delicious and log into your account.
  2. Go to a web site of interest (either perform a search, or select a familiar site).
  3. While viewing the site, click the TAG button, or the "post to" bookmarklet. Fill in the notes and tags fields, and edit the description as desired. (If other users have tagged the site, tag suggestions will be provided and you can just click them. After awhile, your own tags will be suggested as well). Separate each tag with a space. Remember that (to a point) "over" tagging is better than "under"tagging.
  4. Click Save. Repeat for several sites.

Write a blog post sharing your thoughts about delicious and what you learned/noticed in your exploration and initial tagging experiences.. Include any ideas you have for using delicious in your professional practice. Include a link to your delicious links in the post ( Please include "Think 15" in the post title.