Learning about the K12 Online Conference


The K12 Online Conference offers a free, innovative opportunity for teachers to learn about the ways in which Web 2.0 tools and technologies can be used for teaching and learning. The 2007 conference theme was "Playing with Boundaries," and over 50,000 educators worldwide participated. Each October, during a two-week period, conference presenters post their online "sessions," typically in video format, to the conference blog. The sessions, which may be viewed online or downloaded anytime, remain available on the web for anyone to "attend." It's a conference that never closes.

Discovery Exercise

Visit the K12 Online Conference site and "attend" an archived presentation of your choice from 2006 or 2007. Each conference includes sessions in four categories, such as "Classroom 2.0," "New Tools," and "Overcoming Obstacles." As in any conference, the quality of the presentations varies, but most are very good, and many are excellent. Pick a session that seems interesting to you, view the presentation and explore the supporting links or resources and see what you can learn!

Now that you are aware of the
K12 Online Conference, I hope you will return to this resource for future learning, and that you will "attend" the 2008 conference in October. Please share this wonderful resource with your colleagues.


Write a blog post sharing your thoughts about the session you viewed. Was it worthwhile? Did you learn anything new? Did you find value in the online, anytime delivery option for professional development? Is there anything from the session you might use in your classroom or professional learning? Be sure to include "Think 16" as part of your post title.

Check your adopted blogs, or explore any other participant blog you wish and leave TWO comments (on two different blogs) in response to any posts that interest you. Be sure to include a link back to your own blog in the "website" field.