Think about Lifelong Learning

Discovery Exercise

View the slideshare presentation below - click the arrow to move through the slides.

(NOTE: During the blogging module, you will complete your first blog post reflecting on the Habits of Lifelong Learning, so you may wish to take a few notes).

As you review the Highly Effective Habits of Successful Lifelong Learners, consider three things:

  1. Which habit(s) may be most challenging for you to employ as part of your online learning experience?
    Example: Even though you are a master teacher, you cringe at the thought of teaching others how to use technology tools.
  2. Which habit(s) will be easiest, or is most resonant for you as a lifelong learner?
    Example: You always begin with a goal in mind when learning about new technologies.
  3. Which habit do you think will be most important for you as you work through this course, and why?
    Example: Viewing problems as challenges will be most important, because you often find technology problems frustrating and defeating


After viewing the presentation, leave ONE reflective/explanatory comment about the slide that depicts the habit you feel will be most important for you in completing this course. Click on view just under the embedded slide show. This will take you to the slideshare page where you can leave your comment. Be sure to navigate to the slide on which you want to leave your comment. Then scroll down just a bit to see the comment field where you will type your comment. Click on Post Comment.

Write a reflection answering the questions listed in the Discovery Exercise above. For now, put this reflection in a Word document so you can access it later during the blogging module.

stretch.jpgStretch Task

(more fun for everyone!):
Register for Slideshare and upload your own powerpoint slideshow.

Tip: Slideshare does not accept Power point 2007 file format, you need to save it in PPT 97-03 format first.