The Power of Web 2.0 Tools: A 21st Century Learning Experience

Thinks & Modules

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Discovery Exercises and Tasks

Within each module you will complete one - two Discovery Exercises and Learning Tasks ("Thinks"), as listed. Links to the details for the module's "Thinks" will be added as the course progresses. The first four modules must be completed in order. Each of the first four modules builds on the last! Remember, you are in charge of your learning journey. This course is about exposure, exploration and experimentation, not about "doing it right." Your co-participants and PW2T coaches are here to support and encourage you!

Stretch Activities

Along the way, you will also encounter a few Stretch activities accompanying some of the "Thinks." Stretch activities are designed to enrich and extend your learning. Everyone is encouraged to try at least some of them, but they are not required. If you are already comfortable with a particular tool or concept, you should definitely complete the Stretch activity!

NOTE: Course activities/resources are subject to perpetual revision, as technology is ALWAYS CHANGING. However, no "Think" will ever be revised as we are completing it unless there is a true resource emergency!

checkmark.jpgNOTE 2: You should be
checking off your own "Thinks" on the Google spreadsheet as you complete them.
Required Modules: Intro to Web 2.0 Module | RSS Module | Blogging Module | Creative Commons Module
Required Modules must be completed in order. Be sure to start with the Introduction to Web 2.0 Module! All of the required modules must be completed successfully before working in the choice modules. You will choose 2 of the below modules to explore and complete. PLU credit is dependent upon successful completion of a total of 6 modules. Choice Modules: Wikis | Image Sharing | Social Bookmarking | Online Learning | Podcasting | Productivity with Google
Last step: Final Reflection